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Product # MAGNEPULL-XP  Magnepull, Magnetic Cable Puller - XP1000 Model

Availability: Please call to check: 800-205-8620
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These are the product's dimensions:

11.00 in. wide x 4.00 in. high x 14.00 in. deep
Volume: 616.00 cubic in.
Weight: 3.90 lbs.

23.75 in. wide x 13.25 in. high x 28.00 in. deep
Volume: 8,811.25 cubic in.
Weight: 47.00 lbs.
Quantity: 12 ea.

Magnepull cable retrieval system reduces cable installations time as much as 70% as compared to a standard fish tape. This new tool magnetically couples the cable-pulling device through drywall and allows the technicians to have complete control. The system was developed to work with metal studs and in insulated walls. Replaces the skill based method of wire fishing with a definable process that can be taught in one hour.

  • Reduces cable fishing time by 70%
  • Eliminates wall damage due to misplaced holes
  • Reduces training time to one hour
  • Allows for installations in confined spaces
  • Eliminates the need for a stud finder
  • Reduces time in attic during installation of cable and wire
  • Makes wire fishing a definable process
  • Pulls under carpet
  • INCLUDES: Case, Retriever Unit, 1 Bullet Magnet with leader and Jack Chain.


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