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Product # PVFTBKODW  Dual Feed Thru Wall Bushings w/Knockout Wht 100BAG

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These are the product's dimensions:

7.00 in. wide x 3.75 in. high x 9.00 in. deep
Volume: 236.25 cubic in.
Weight: 0.95 lbs.

24.50 in. wide x 12.50 in. high x 34.75 in. deep
Volume: 10,642.19 cubic in.
Weight: 40.95 lbs.
Quantity: 40 ea.

  • Wall feed-through bushings to dress up drilled holes for RG-6 coax wire entry.
  • Bushings have two knock-out plugs which can be removed to accomodate a siamese ground wire with O.D. of ~0.13".
  • Used for dual coax.
  • Center passageway accomodates up to 0.30" O.D coax.
  • Teeth around the cylinder help secure the bushing in place when used in sheet rock.
  • UV protectected Plastic.

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