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Product # PVDP3  Diplexer, 40-2300MHZ 1 Port Power Pass

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These are the product's dimensions:

2.00 in. wide x 0.75 in. high x 2.25 in. deep
Volume: 3.38 cubic in.
Weight: 0.10 lbs.

13.50 in. wide x 4.50 in. high x 17.00 in. deep
Volume: 1,032.75 cubic in.
Weight: 19.00 lbs.
Quantity: 200 ea.

• Single Port Power Passing
• 40~2300 MHz
• Use a diplexer to combine a low-band frequency and high-band
   frequency on one line
• This creates a single line installation
• Use another diplexer at end of line another to split the signals back

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