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Latest News | 06.07.17

NEW P10 Website Products – L.I.F.E Mount

New L.I.F.E Mount products are now available on the P10 Website! On the home page, navigate to the Products menu and click on the L.I.F.E Mount link under the Wireless section. L.I.F.E Mount products will be displayed including item number, description, price and additional details.


Exciting News! The Partner Portal is Now Available from the P10 Website - Enhance Your Ordering Experience!

The Partner Portal is a new state of the art integrated ordering system that enables P10 dealers to sell a multitude of services to customers. It replaces the current DWS system for placing AT&T / DIRECTV orders and is also being used to place Windstream orders! It will greatly improve the dealer’s experience by streamlining the ordering process and decreasing the time it takes to place an order.

Key Advantages:

  • Expedited Order Processing
  • Modern Layout Design
  • Detailed Order history
  • Commission Tracker
  • CommPayPro Integration
  • Excellent Customer Support

A new link has been added to the P10 website that allows dealers to access the Partner Portal directly from the home page. Once a dealer is logged in to the P10 website and clicks the Partner Portal link, they will be re-directed to the home page to begin the ordering process.

Currently, master account users will have access to the Partner Portal and can grant access to subaccount users of their choosing.

Please contact Partner Services at partnerservices@perfect-10.tv or 866-470-0888 for more information!


P10 Partner Resources Now Includes Windstream

Perfect 10 has partnered with Windstream and is looking for dealers to promote and sell Windstream services. Windstream is now fully integrated as part of the P10 website‘s home page, Partner Resources menu, and Partner Resources landing page.

On the home page, the Windstream accordion image will directly link you to information on how to ‘Become an Authorized Windstream Sales Agent‘.

On the Partner Resources menu, you can click on Windstream and this will link you to all the necessary documentation on how to become a dealer, dealer information, and marketing materials.

On the Partner Resources landing page, you can find Windstream’s contact information by clicking ‘Contact Information’. You can also hover over the Windstream link and be re-directed to further documentation.

In addition, if you would like to learn more about Windstream‘s residential, small business, or enterprise offerings, click on the Windstream link at the footer of the web page under ‘Our Partners‘.


NEW EXEDE Self Help Training Videos Now Available

Exciting News! You have access to new Exede Self Help Training Videos directly from the P10 Website.

Navigate to the Exede Training Videos by clicking on the Exede link in the Partner Resources Mega Menu. On the Exede Page, click on the video image and it will re-direct you to all the videos you will be able to view. You can also click on the link ‘Exede Training Videos’ under the Videos section.

On the Exede Videos page, click on a video you would like to view and it will open up in a larger display for you to begin watching!

From the Partner Resources Landing Page, you can also navigate to these videos by hovering over Exede and selecting ‘Videos’.


NEW P10 and PVM Mega Menu Navigation

Exciting News! The P10 and PVM Websites are now easier than ever to navigate with the new Mega Menu design. Simply hover over the category you wish to view and all of the options are clearly visible at once. Move your mouse over the item you wish to select and click! The Mega Menu design is applied to all the website pages you visit and on mobile devices!


Address Management on the Web

New Address Management functionality has been added to the P10 website that will allow you to add, edit, and delete addresses used for shipping while placing orders online. Address Management can be accessed by going to My Profile then selecting Address Management from the left menu.

By default only Master Account users will have access to Address Management, but access may be granted to Subaccounts as well.

Once on the Address Management screen you can access the Address Management Tutorial to guide you through setting up access for Subaccounts and managing your addresses.


CenturyLink Internet Eligibility by Zip Code

A new tool named Zip Code Eligibility has been added to the CenturyLink section of Partner Resources to help you identify areas where CenturyLink offers high speed internet service. To access the Zip Code Eligibility tool go to Partner Resources > CenturyLink > Zip Code Eligibility. Any user that has a Login ID for the Perfect 10 website will have access to use the new functionality.

On the Zip Code Eligibility search form, enter your desired search criteria and select Search. This function searches a large range of Zip codes so the more specific your search criteria, the more efficient your search will be.


Internet Explorer Compatibility

In order to support some exciting new changes and provide the best possible experience using our websites, we strongly recommend you update your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Using a version of Internet Explorer older than version 10 may cause compatibility issues with some of the features on our website. You can check which version of Internet Explorer you’re currently using by going to Settings > About Internet Explorer. If your browser needs to be updated, you may download the latest version of Internet Explorer at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/internet-explorer.aspx.


Dealer Resources Renamed to Partner Resources

The Dealer Resources menu has been renamed to Partner Resources. The Partner Resources page and menu will retain all the same functionality, forms, and information as the Dealer Resources.

In addition to the menu name change, the logos for each partner on the Partner Resources page have been made interactive – clicking any partner logo will direct you to the forms and information for that partner.


Dealer Resources Training Calendar

A new training calendar has been added to Dealer Resources! You can access the training calendar by clicking Training from the left menu on the Dealer Resources page or by selecting Training from the Dealer Resources dropdown menu:

The training calendar may also be accessed directly from the home page by clicking the Training Calendar banner on the home page:

The training calendar will allow you to view scheduled training for the selected month. You may page through months by using the left or right arrows at the top of the calendar:

To view details about a training session simply click the banner for the session you’re interested in and a pop up window with time and location will be displayed. If additional details or documentation are available a “More Information” link will be provided in the pop up box:

Be sure to check the training calendar often for updates!


New Dealer Resources Layout

Dealer Resources has been improved to make finding the information you need to set up and administer your programs quicker and easier! Documents for each program have been categorized for easy access – just hover your mouse over the program you're interested in and choose the appropriate category from the new menus.

Still can't find the information you need? Just click the Contact Information link for the program you're interested in and you'll be directed to a contact sheet.


New Exede Coop Funds Page

Perfect 10 is pleased to introduce the new Exede Coop Funds page accessible from the Reports menu within the NIMS section of the website. Exede coop eligible dealers may view details and statuses of coop fund accruals and expirations.

To see these latest changes, click here to visit the Exede Coop Funds page.


P10 Layout Updates

Exciting News! Perfect 10 now has wireless products available in the web store. Continue reading for a quick introduction to the new website layout. Click here to shop our wireless products from grounding supplies to antennas and everything in between.

Navigating the Home page

The Perfect 10 Home page may have a new look, but it has similar, easy navigation. While the left menu product navigation may no longer be available, the same choices are available in the top menu under Products or with a quick click of the Satellite & Broadband or Wireless options just under the feature’s carousel.

Wireless Products

The Perfect 10 Team introduces Wireless Product pages accessible from the Products menu or the Wireless option on the Home page. Here our partners will find an assortment of available tools with detail dimensions and specifications.

Additional website features are coming soon.


Voucher List Modifications

For dealers who take advantage of the Voucher List available in the My Account section of the website to view transaction details of payments and payment statuses, check out the newest additions:

  • Customer Name
  • 'Click to view NIMS order' - navigate to the original order in NIMS with a quick click of the hyperlink

To see these latest changes, click here to visit the Voucher List.


New Exede Products in the Web Store

We are excited to announce that we now have Exede products available on the Perfect 10 website:


We have Exede products available under two new categories, Exede Equipment and Exede Accessories.


New Returns Management System

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Returns Management System available at

This new process is a quick and efficient way for you to request a return authorization. You will be notified immediately of the status of your request and provided with instructions on completing the return.

Additional features of this system include:

  • Ability to track the entire life cycle of the return
  • Export detailed and summary information on each return
  • Easy navigation and data entry
  • A Policy and Procedure Information
  • Multiple search options

Going forward, Perfect 10 will utilize this system for the processing of all return requests. To help get you started please use the following link for instructions on how to best use the system:

If you need assistance or would like to give feedback on this system, please contact a member of our Account Services team at 800-205-8620. You can also reach us through email at


Heartbleed Bug: We’re Not Affected

The Perfect 10 website was not affected by the Heartbleed bug since we do not use the OpenSSL software impacted by the major security flaw. Sites using versions of OpenSSL with the vulnerability let Hackers steal sensitive data, like user names and passwords. Find more about the Heartbleed bug here.

An event like Heartbleed is a good reminder to change your account password as a standard security practice. Especially if you were using the same password for another website that may have been affected by Heartbleed. Click here to go ahead and change it now.


Fresh Look to the Site

Navigating Perfect 10 just got easier. We've updated our look to better meet your needs.

Bar Moved

We have relocated the sign-in bar to the top of the screen so you can quickly get to your account information.

Dealer Sign-up Relocated

Not a dealer yet but want to be? New dealer sign-up information is now a simple click from the home page.

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